GTA 5 Stunts Map

GTA V Stunts Map (complete)
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Jump the broken bridge.

#1 - The Bridge is Out

We're starting these stunts up north in Paleto Bay and working our way down the map. Here's a nice easy one to start, you'll see a broken down old bridge which you have to clear from one side to the other. It doesn't really matter what vehicle you use, it's a short gap. Obviously start on the side where the bridge ramps upward.

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Construction rubble ramp.

#2 - Construction Yard

Any banger will do for this one too. Use the small ramp of rubble in the construction yard and land in the adjacent parking lot.

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Lighthouse stunt jump.

#3 - Lighthouse Leap

You need to jump the water and land on the little patch of concrete to the right of the lighthouse. This can be a bit tricky and may take a few attempts. Each time you screw up, your ride will be ruined. A taxi is just about fast enough to make it across. Watch out for wild cats around this area, they spring from nowhere and chew on your ass like it's a game.

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Mountain stunt.

#4 - Mountain Gap

Pretty hard to mess this up, just hit the ramp straight on with enough speed.

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Mountain big air.

#5 - Mountain Big Air

Another stunt up in the mountains. You'll get some impressive air doing this. It's best to land on the road, but it doesn't seem to matter if you're a little way off.

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Over the motel.

#6 - Motel No-tel

Use the ramp to air over the derelict motel. Due to the narrow nature of the ramp you're better off using a bike for this stunt, but I didn't have one to hand.

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Boulders stunt.

#7 - Over the Boulders

Hit the dusty banking at speed to jump over the large boulders and land on the road. Nothing too difficult about this.

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Jail entry.

#8 - Unauthorised Access

The ramp here isn't immediately obvious. You have to speed off of the cliff face and land inside the high-security compound (prison?). You'll probably attract unwanted attention driving around this area.

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Fly over.

#9 - Lane Switch

On the left hand side of the road you'll notice a break in the fencing and a mound of earth. This is your cue to jump down to the road below. The dense traffic can get in the way, but other than that it's pretty straight forward.

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Wind turbine stunt.

#10 - Wind Powered

Launch from the point shown on the GTA V stunts map above, just left of a wind turbine. Try to land on or near the road below for the stunt to count.

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Mountain road stunt.

#11 - Mountain Track

Head to the top of the mountain, due west of where the jump is marked on the map. It's a little disorientating but you should see a rough 'path' heading down. Jump the road and land cleanly.

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Vinewood Hills.

#12 - Hill Flyer

This is a jump from Vinewood Hills down into the city below. You get a huge amount of air so plenty of time to adjust for a good landing. Just hope your suspension holds out!

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Golf bridge stunt.

#13 - Golf Course

Get onto the golf course and head to the club house to pick up a cart. The lake has a white broken bridge to jump over.

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Shopping plaza stunt.

#14 - Plaza

This stunt has you flying through some kind of plaza building. Definitely use a bike for this one, because the exit is quite narrow with walls which will mess up a car.

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Parking zone stunt.

#15 - Parking Lark

Hit the ramp up into the little parking area at speed, to fly over the whole thing. Use the grass for your approach to avoid any awkward turning.

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Rockford Plaza stunt.

#16 - Rockford Plaza

Head through the little tunnel underneath Didiersachs (Rockford Plaza) and make a right, through the railings gap and land down on the road.

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Jetty building.

#17 - Jetty Jumpin'

This involves jumping from the top floor of a building called "The Jetty". You have to use a bike for this because the gaps between the glass are thin. Franklin's special ability also comes in handy here for some last minute steering control.

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Freeway stunt jump.

#18 - Freeway Fun

Some clever swine has built a ramp over the Del Perro Freeway! It would be rude not to use it.

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Ride down onto the freeway.

#19 - Dropping In

Another simple one where you just drop down onto a freeway. The gap is on the overpass next to Arcadius Business Center.

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Overpass jump.

#20 - Overpass Jump

There's only one thing to do when you spot a ramp on an overpass, use it to jump down to the gutters below.

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Medical Center madness.

#21 - Pillbox Plummet

Lazy construction work next to the Pillbox Medical Center means there's an opportunity to jump over some stairs and land on the street below. A motorbike is recommended for this one.

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Car Park roof stunt.

#22 - Car Park Craziness

Head up to the top of the multi-storey car park (the one with red details on its building). There's an obvious ramp set up here to jump off of. The limited amount of space means it can be difficult to build up speed, so use a fast car or bike for this. Favor the right hand side of the ramp so you don't land on the little structure on ground level.

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More freeway stunt jumping.

#23 - Bollards Be Damned

The freeway entrance here has little red bollards warning you of a dangerous drop. Since we have a blatant disregard for safety though, swerve left and jump to the highway below.

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Road cone disconcern.

#24 - Ignore the Cones

Another one where you just use a gap in the flyover wall to get down to the road underneath (next to the Family Pharmacy).

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Pagoda stunt jump.

#25 - Pagodariffic

One side of the Pagoda (an oriental style building) has a ramp. You know the rest.

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Roof to street jump.

#26 - Parking Garage Roof

Head up the slope into the 24hr Parking garage and use the ramp from that roof to hit the street below. It helps if the cops aren't shooting at you.

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Easy stunt.

#27 - Another Ramp

Ramp. Street. Nothing much worth mentioning about this one.

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Flyover to flyover stunt jump.

#28 - Flyover Fun Times

Favor the left side of the ramp so that you land on the road, otherwise the jump won't count and you'll be left with a bad time.

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Green Sprunk ramp.

#29 - Sprunk a Leak

This takes place in the Get Aweigh boat sales yard. Use the brightly colored Sprunk ramp to air up onto the road above.

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Parking garage roof.

#30 - Roof

Another day, another parking garage roof. Jump down to street level.

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Freeway ramp in GTA V.

#31 - Don't Look Down

Make sure you use the right hand side of this ramp so as to land on the road, you don't want to go over the edge and have a bad time.

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Concrete ramp over a gutter.

#32 - Gutter Life

Down under the freeway there's a grassy area with a little concrete ramp over a gutter. You could practically rollerskate this one.

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Lean back for distance.

#33 - Big Air Biking

This one can prove troublesome. I recommend using a bike and taking a LONG run up. It sounds crazy, but if you pull back on the bike you get a lot more distance and height. Land on the helipad for bonus points!

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Cones and construction work.

#34 - Under the Freeway

Underneath the freeway there is some construction parapharnelia and a ramp. Bear left so you land on the road. Franklin's slow-mo helps here to weave through the detritus.

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Car park roof stunt jump.

#35 - More Car Park

Jump from the car park roof down to street level (again). This one can be particular about where you land, but head to the right a little as you go off the ramp and it should be ok.

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Vat stunt jump.

#36 - Vat Vault

Launch off the ramp and try to land in between those giant vat things.

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Hill ramp.

#37 - Over the Hill

Yonder on the hill is a small wooden ramp, let speed and gravity do the rest.

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Quarter pipe ramp stunt.

#38 - Airport Air Time

Take note there are two of these giant quarter-pipe ramps in the area and they both look the same, but they are two separate jumps. Use this one to launch into the parking lot behind.

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Quarter pipe to the car park roof.

#39 - Take Me to the Roof

Similar to #38, but use this ramp to get up onto the nearby roof. Pedestrians might get in the way!

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Airport gates stunt jump.

#40 - Over the Gates

Near the airport gates there's a skip containing a natural ramp made out of crap, use it to get over the gates. Best to use a bike for this, but it can be done with a car too.

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Cross the water.

#41 - River Crossing

Use that trailer's metal ramp to get over the river. Again, LEAN BACK on your bike to get the extra distance (crazy GTA physics!).

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Pile of soil stunt.

#42 - Earth to Bridge

Jump from the mound of earth onto the bridge behind. Easy enough.

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Trailer stunt.

#43 - Trailer Launch

Take a long run up for this, as it can be tough to get enough distance / height to get up onto the bridge.

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Ramp over water.

#44 - Water Jump

Ramp over the water and land on the other side between the two cranes, looking cool all the while.

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Ramp stunt.

#45 - Ramp

Another ramp that goes over water, you should try to land on or near the highway for it to count.

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Trailer to warehouse roof stunt.

#46 - Trailer to Roof

You have to hit the trailer at high speed to make it up onto the rooftop. Try to use the 'leaning back' technique for more distance if you're struggling.

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Concentrated Nuts stunt.

#47 - Nuts

These last few in the dockyards are mostly similar. Use the ramp and try to land near the vats of "Concentrated Nuts". Only try it in a battered old taxi cab if you're feeling lazy.

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Freeway jumpin'.

#48 - Watch the Girders

Use the pile of soil to jump over the freeway and land safely. Due to metal girders coming down from the bridge above, this stunt is easier on a bike.

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Stunt ramp to the roof.

#49 - Roof Ramp

Follow the ramp's natural direction up onto the roof.

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Fifty out of fifty.

#50 - The Last Stunt

This is one of the hardest ones imo. You need to bear left, but try to keep turning on the ramp itself to a minimum, else your bike will seem to 'flake out'.

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